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When we think of oak, we think of durability and integrity.  The patience and perseverance required to work with oak are rewarded by the satisfaction of a job well done, and of having created something of lasting beauty.  Here, as with English cherry, simplicity is everything.  As the Arts and Crafts movement revalued local craftsmanship and the work of skilled artisans in an age of mass production, so the essence of today’s country furniture is found in simple strong lines and solid construction directly descended from our local joinery making tradition.  We are proud to be part of that tradition and with our arts and crafts range of furniture we have combined beautiful granite countertops with hard drying oiled oak cabinets hand polished to a soft lustre for durability.


Homage to the year in which the Aga was patented our 1922 range was designed to reflect the mood of the early twenties.  An optimistic, forward looking time in which the influence of modernism was becoming apparent in design, we set out to create what might best be described as ‘Country house meets Corbusier’ - in short a traditional kitchen designed for a new millennium.   The classic combination of bullnosed and coved granite profiling with beautifully detailed and generously radiused solid wood pillars, means that sharp corners can be eliminated.   Large spaces can elegantly divided so that work areas are defined and focal points created while appliances are fully integrated to complement the clean uncluttered lines.  For family weekdays, or weekend entertaining - your choice!


Our contemporary kitchen furniture is designed with elegance and simplicity in mind.  Sleek lines, high gloss finishes and a choice of countertops we can provide a stunning contemporary look, whether in a new build property or a character barn conversion.  We have capacity to offer fully bespoke cabinetry in high gloss finishes to perfectly fit your kitchen area in terms of proportion and balance.  We are increasingly being asked to build and install kitchens with handle-less design including integrated appliances and pull-out bins - challenges that are always welcome!


I have been lucky enough to have lived and worked in Somerset all my life, and our farmhouse painted furniture derives from that West Country tradition of living simply and harmoniously with the environment, far pre-dating current concerns over sustainability and environmental impact . Just as farming involves working with nature and the seasons, so we as woodworkers must work with the grain.  Starting with the generous proportions of originally fitted dressers and built in furniture which we have photographed and measured for reference, in each individual design we pay careful attention to proportion and balance in appearance, with the result that the need for superficial and fussy design is eliminated.

Whether your house is part of a working farm or not, we make sure that we are creating a working kitchen.  I mean by  this of course an orderly, well planned centre for all things culinary, but perhaps more importantly, I mean a social family space, a place to answer the telephone, informally entertain and talk to friends, wash the dog or do the homework.


As the name suggests, our range of shaker furniture Is designed with clean and sharp lines in mind.  With no frills or unnecessary adornments, our shaker furniture speaks for itself.  All of our furniture is bespoke and built at our own workshops yet with our investment in high tech machinery and 35 years of experience,our range of shaker furniture is extremely affordable.  Beautifully installed with a wide choice of interiors, countertops and paint finishes - the final effect is clear to see.


Not to be confused with its darker American cousin, the beauty of English cherry lies in its subtle coloration from mellow gold through dappled shades of light tan and subtle hints of green.  English cherry speaks of woodland and spring sunshine even on the greyest of winter days.  Whether the cabinets you commission are fitted or freestanding, we make a virtue of simplicity as we created their strong, clean lines. Absence of intricate moulding throws into sharp relief the beauty of the timber and many hours of painstaking work will be required to take this native timber grain.  As the furniture is carefully sealed and coated with water clear satin lacquer, the richness of the wood emerges in its full glory.

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By maintaining our manufacturing in this country we are both supporting local employment as well as avoiding unnecessary use of fossil fuels in the  movement  of furniture from Eastern Europe and China.  Integrity of materials is of great importance to us, we are committed to sourcing local timber where possible, in particular English oak, English ash and English cherry.  We have, upon request, used customers’ own timber from their land.  Through use of water based lacquers and primers in our finishing department we minimise the effects of harmful chemicals and pollutants.  We have built up strong links with local craftsmen in woodturning, basket weaving and leaded light making who all share the same levels of skill and commitment to high quality work.  Sourcing as many of our components as possible from the local area is fundamental to our approach to sustainable business.

David Chappell Design Limited

Bespoke furniture and joinery made to order

David Chappell started making individual pieces of furniture to order in 1982, motivated by the belief that there was a demand for truly individual furniture, thoughtfully designed and made to order.  We have been located at West Buckland since 1985 with both our Showroom and Workshops on the same site. We currently employ 10 people full time with a wealth of experience in design, manufacture, installation and customer care. A true family run firm, we are passionate about all we offer and place great emphasis on creating products built for the long term.


It has been our philosophy for many years to ensure that we have highly satisfied customers at the end of each project. We are confident that the products and services we provide are both of the highest quality and at a fair and reasonable price. As a result the vast majority of our new work comes through personal recommendations from friends and family.  We have thousands of happy customers throughout the U.K.  and can provide a huge number of testimonials  for all types of work we carry out.  


At David Chappell Design Ltd we specialise in providing a wide range of quality furniture and joinery solutions in addition to offering a high quality property refurbishment service.  We are a family run firm and work with a high level of integrity and attention to detail in all that we do.  Our experience and reputation within this industry ensures that your expectations will be surpassed.  Please take a look at our previous commissions and the services we offer on this site and feel free to get in touch once you are ready to discuss your forthcoming project.

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